History of the iv3 School

 Although the iv3 League school may seem new, iv3 Solutions, and its predecessor Canadian Underwriting Services Limited (CUSL) have been training insurance professionals for decades.

There are multiple RIBO- and other industry-accredited courses that have been offered for over a decade, but they are constantly being updated to include current information, utilize new teaching techniques, and fresh photos and examples.

Many courses have been developed to focus on what is important to today’s underwriters and loss control professionals, following the trends of where claims and risks now lie.

The instructors and course developers have decades of industry and training experience, and can speak freely on any of the subjects that you are looking for.
iv3 Training & Development Department

 In 2016, iv3 Solutions created and launched the Training and Development department with the focus of creating standardized training of all new inspectors, and to develop continuing educational courses to encourage existing inspectors to enhance their skill sets. This dedicated team has also enhanced and supported our Quality Assurance department, to ensure that quality remains as of the utmost importance.

As the industry continues to change, it is vital that as an organization, these changes are identified, embraced, and communicated clearly to all involved parties.

The development of these new courses gives a fresh look at risk management and the insurance industry. It also has created additional opportunities for underwriters outside of iv3 to benefit from the research that has gone into these courses.

We continue to add to our list of courses as topics are identified and developed. If you have a suggestion on a topic that you do not see in our course list, please reach out to us. We may already be in the middle of developing that subject, or we may be able to adapt some internal course information to meet your needs.
For More Information:

For further information on a course list or to book a session for you or your team, please contact Matthew Harwood.

[email protected]

Commercial Courses

• Restaurant Liability and Cooking Hazards
• Automatic Sprinkler System Basics
• Dust Explosion Hazards
• Commercial Construction Methodology
• Garage Liability
• Special Hazards – Hot Work, Flammable Liquids, and Woodworking
• FarmSafe – Working Farm Hazards
• FarmSafe – Introduction to Farm Risks
• Farm Valuation – Introduction to the Calculators
• Water Damage Protection – Commercial Risks
• Understanding Premises Liability
• Commercial Occupancies – Analyzing the Risks
• Analyzing a Manufacturing Operation
• Understanding Commercial Building Valuation Systems
• Understanding Liability Hazards
• Analyzing a Manufacturing Operation
• Marijuana Operations
• Products Liability and Completed Operations
• Wildfire Protection
• Thermography – How It Can Assist You
• Course of Construction – Understanding the Hazards

Residential Courses
• Mechanicals in a House – Heating, Electrical, Plumbing
• Water Damage Protection – Residential Risks
• Woodstove Basics
• Understanding RCT
• Understanding E2V
• Oil and Propane Tanks Hazards
• Understanding Residential Construction
• Mould Basics
• Cottage Country Exposures

RIBO Accredited Courses
• Hazards
• Knowing How to Use the Tools of Your Trade: RCT Overview
• Water Water Everywhere
• Woodstoves