Our Residential Property Inspection Services provide a room-by-room inspection of the entire dwelling. Whether it is the Premium Plus report designed for high-net worth properties where values are key, to Interior/Exterior Hazards reports where you are focusing on updates and overall condition, there is a product that suits your needs. Each report may also include supplementary reports that include woodstoves, significant outstructures, water damage prevention, fuel storage tanks, home-based business, rental units and on-site daycare to help you understand your exposures. Each report also includes customized recommendations that explain how to mitigate the risks identified.

Our roster of Residential Inspectors include skilled professionals with backgrounds in engineering, architectural design and construction. With almost 40 years of providing service to the Canadian insurance industry, and over 100 inspectors across Canada, iv3 has the experience and expertise to professionally address all residential properties. Our staff and inspectors’ professional designations include WETT certification, CIP and CRM.

Report Options

Whether you require a simple exterior survey or a high-valued home inspection, we have the products and services to meet your Residential risk information needs. Through years of meeting the needs of the insurance industry and incorporating industry requirements and feedback, iv3 has developed various proven report options, including:

Premium Plus Report

Our Premium Plus report is best suited to risks with a calculated replacement cost over $750,000. It includes room-by-room inspection by a qualified inspector, full narrative description with supporting images, risk information provided in a Risk Factor Rating summary, scale diagram and replacement cost calculation. Our Premium Plus report also includes the DRI report, plus other supplementary reports based on property features.

Our high-value dwellings division is managed by a professional staff with more than 100 years of combined experience in the residential construction industry. We use only industry-approved evaluation software to ensure the accuracy of our valuations.

Hazards Plus Report

If values are of a concern to you, you have the flexibility of ordering our Hazards Plus report that covers all of the details in the Interior / Exterior Hazards report, but also includes a detailed sketch and valuation. This valuation can include Core Logic’s RCT product, the Estimate 2 Value E2V report, or other standard industry replacement calculators.

The detailed sketch includes exterior measurements of all levels, attached structures, and outbuildings, along with descriptions and distances to exposures.

Interior/Exterior Hazards Report

Our Interior / Exterior Hazards report focuses on the general condition, service updates and liability concerns that are key elements to properly underwrite a risk. We will report on any potential water damage concerns, housekeeping issues, the need for general repairs, and document our findings with detailed photos and recommendations.

When woodstoves, oil tanks, or home based businesses are found, details and supplements are added automatically to ensure you have the information needed to understand the risks of these added exposures.

Exterior Hazards Report

Our Exterior Hazards report provides a quick overview of the risks that are visible from the exterior of a property. This report looks at the general condition and housekeeping of the property, home and outbuildings. We also review any visual liability hazards that could lead to a claim. Potential water damage concerns are identified as we review downspouts, grading, and other potential areas for water infiltration.

The results of the investigation of these areas are documented in the report along with detailed photos and specific recommendations.

Wood Stove Inspections

Our Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) certified inspectors and quality assurance specialists ensure that a solid fuel installation report is conducted with a zero tolerance approach.

When we encounter a system which does not meet current standards, we recommend appropriate courses of action.

Oil Tank Inspections

Storage of fuel oil can be a significant risk, as the costs of environmental damages from a leak can cost even more than the insured property value. Therefore, it is vital that these tanks are inspected to ensure adequate installation to protect you.

Your Quality Assurance

This division is overseen by a professional staff trained to the highest standards. They gather hazard and evaluation data and quickly spot areas of concern related to a property’s interior or exterior. Each completed report undergoes verification by our quality assurance team to ensure total accuracy.