We provide industry-leading quality reporting and utilize our network of highly qualified field professionals, in each local market, to ensure you can better assess risk and realize appropriate premium for exposure based on insurance to value estimates.

Since 1977, iv3 provided innovative insurance solutions that complement the evolving needs of a diverse marketplace. For more than four decades, our goal has always been the same: to empower you to make the right underwriting decisions and respond quicker to your customers. That’s why all of our property experts maintain specific qualifications, designations, insurance and licenses, to ensure the right information is delivered to you at a moment’s notice.

Your need for quality property intelligence and exceptional customer service is paramount. With a vast network of national property experts across the country, iv3 will be able to help no matter what your line of business including actuarial, underwriting, brokerage and risk management firms. Our team will guide you toward the solution.

We proudly support the use of CoreLogic, Douglas Cost Guide and e2Value products as trusted industry standard replacement cost calculators.