iv3 is pleased to offer a FarmSafe Inspection program, customized to help our clients underwrite commercial farms accurately. Farming isn’t like other businesses. This is why iv3 has developed reports specially designed to meet our clients needs. Our FarmSafe inspection program provides you with the option to inspect many different kinds of properties as well as offering various facility-specific supplements that will ensure that the condition and use of the property is accurately reflected.

Our Inspections will provide thorough assessments on: 

  • FarmSafe ImageCommercial and hobby farms
  • Swine operations
  • Poultry operations
  • Dairy operations
  • Equine operations
  • Grain and feed mills
  • Cash Crops
  • Specialty operations
  • Fleet and equipment
  • Residential buildings & High-value homes

Our reports provide a comprehensive look at: 

  • Farm SmallCommercial and hobby farms
  • Occupancy
  • Major Farm Equipment
    • Specialized Equipment
    • Drivers and vehicles
  • Building and Building Services
    • Type of Operation
    • Electrical
    • Ventilation
    • Water Supply
  • Manure Removal
    • Pen cleaning
  • Bio Security
    • Emergency Response Plans
    • Certificate of Health Requirements
    • Decontamination procedures

Thermographic imaging now available