We offer an assortment of alternative inspection services to meet your needs.  From our comprehensive Commercial INFOrm Report to our short-form focused Commercial INSIGHT report, our services are focused on your needs.  Through our risk management partnership, these services are designed to help support your business in a cost- effective and time-efficient manner.

Property & Liability Surveys

  • Complete property-oriented surveys of building structures of all descriptions
  • Surveys and risk evaluation of commercial, industrial, educational, recreational, entertainment, hospitality, religious and government facilities
  • Risk assessment of operations, manufacturing processes, special hazards, property protection systems, including fire and crime controls
  • Focus on key perils such as fire, water damage, crime, natural & malicious damages
  • Premises liability controls to minimize exposures to slip, trip and fall losses

Risk Inspection Services

Include, but are not limited to:

  • Light hazard commercial occupancies
  • Garage and automobile repair facilities
  • Auto/power sport dealerships
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Industrial and manufacturing occupancies
  • Schools and other institutions
  • Municipal facilities
  • Religious facilities
  • High-rise properties
  • Shopping malls and large retail properties
  • Recreational properties, resorts, camps, entertainment complexes
  • Marinas and boat-storage facilities
  • Properties under construction
  • Building valuation services