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We’re proud to offer CUISA members access to exclusive pricing on our Exterior Home Inspection service, allowing you to quickly and easily request the exterior-risk photos you need without having to leave your office!  Every Exterior Home Inspection is completed by a member of our nationwide Expert Network — a highly-trained and experienced loss-control professional, for only $50.*

Did you know? In addition to this exclusive offer, CUISA has also negotiated a special 5% discount on all other residential, commercial and farm inspection and appraisal services throughout 2017 — so feel free to browse our site, or use the form below to contact us to learn more about iv3.

If you’d like to learn more about ordering an Exterior Home Inspection for your customers, or would like to learn more about our suite of risk inspection and appraisal services, simply complete the form below and we’ll contact you to get started:

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*How does pricing work at iv3?
iv3’s pricing is based on “zone,” and we have three zones: Zone 1 (Urban), Zone 2 (Rural), and Zone 3 (Remote). The vast majority of homes in Canada fall within one of our three zones and, most importantly, our special $50 rate for exterior home inspections (available exclusively to members of CUISA) applies to all three zones. Some homes (due to their extreme remoteness) are classified as “Zone 3+”, and in these rare cases additional charges may apply – but don’t worry; we’ll always contact you before we proceed with an inspection where additional charges may apply so that you can decide whether or not we proceed. Taxes are charged in addition, where applicable.